China Doubling-Up On Wind: Positioning To Become Climate Action Super Power

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Much is happening in China with wind power. The Global Wind Energy Council reports, for example, that "More than 20 new turbine manufacturers entered the Chinese market in 2008, bringing the total number of manufacturers in China to 70. Of these, 30 companies already have turbines in operation." I'm guessing there's maybe a quarter or less that number of turbine makers in North America. The official Chinese wind power growth projections have doubled several times in recent years. But, the newest projections are just staggering.According to a report just out from Energy Business Review, China currently has around 12 gigawatts of wind power capacity and is targeting 100 GW wind power capacity by 2020. Incredibly, China plans to

expand its renewable energy consumption to 40% of the energy market by 2050.
Does anyone else see the strategic irony?

Speak Softly & Carry A Big Turbine
For at least a decade, China has been perceived as unwilling to commit to Kyoto emission reduction goals, a perception reinforced by the respective governments of the US, Canada, and Australia, and climate "deniers" supported by vested fossile fuel interests. By continuously reinforcing that perception, these three governments legitimized their position(s), that no climate action can be justified, unless and until, China officially 'signs on.'

While the three developed nations consume themselves with political strategics in preparation for the upcoming Copenhagen climate meeting, China, only hinting at emission cutback commitments, is making its real power play behind the scenes. The renewable energy business in China is booming to record levels and will continue to do so. (A 40% RES, indeed.)

While the US invests its treasure in fending off attacking turbans, China attacks the climate problem with turbines.

That money China used to spend on US Treasury notes might be going toward renewables instead. Via:TerraDaily.

China, wary of the troubled US economy, has already "canceled America's credit card" by cutting down purchases of debt, a US congressman said Thursday...China has the world's largest foreign reserves, believed to be mostly in dollars, along with around 800 billion dollars in US Treasury bonds, more than any other country.

But Treasury Department data shows that investors in China have sharply curtailed their purchases of bonds in January and February.

Who's got the Climate Super Power strategy?

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