China Agrees to Start Cutting Carbon Emissions... By 2050

shanghai skyline photo

photo: Gabriel via flickr

For the first time China has stated a timeframe in which it will start cutting its carbon emissions, AFP reports -- by 2050 it will begin, according to its top climate change official, Su Wei:"China's emissions will not continue to rise beyond 2050," Su said.

Unchecked Per Capita Emissions Growth Not Possible
However, this was tempered somewhat by the encouraging acknowledgement that unchecked growth in per capita emissions is not possible without dire consequences:

China will not continue growing emissions without limit or insist that all nations must have the same per-capita emissions. If we did that this earth would be ruined.

China's Per Capita Emissions Low, Though Nation's Are High
Though China's national emissions are the largest in the world -- comprising 21.5% of world emissions, behind the US's 20.2% -- on a per capita basis they are no where near the top, roughly 4 tons per person.

via: AFP
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