Child-Powered Toys, Trucks Give Batteries the Boot


When toy industry veteran designer and parent Chris Clemmer got together with a couple of friends and realized there’s a mint to be made in eco-toys of one form or another they sat down and came up with Sprig Toys. A new line of kid-powered toys working to ensure traditional battery-powered toys go the way of the dinosaurs by harnessing all that pent up energy your child’s been carrying around.Set to be introduced at the upcoming American International Toy Fair in NYC, they’re paint free and produced from a mixture of recycled wood and reclaimed plastic. And the lights and other electronics are powered by the natural energy of push and pump-action play, with the accompanying characters wearing LED-lit hats that actually plug into the vehicles and garages to recharge their energy supply.

Taken with the release of a similar line called SEE Toys that first shined a child-powered light on the path towards fewer batteries last summer, it seems this type of toy will, in fact, move further and further into the spotlight. After all, what parent hasn’t gone through the expense and the madness of conjuring enough batteries to power that latest neat toy Grandma gave little Jimmy for his birthday last weekend? Not to mention the fact that using fewer batteries is a just a greener way to play.

via:: Sprig Toys

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