Chicago Launches "Read Green, Live Green" Summer Reading Program

In case you live in Chicago and don't have enough green reasons to be proud of the city, Mayor Daley recently announced that the theme of this year's summer reading program is "Read Green, Live Green".

As with all summer reading programs there's a focus on getting kids to read, but here they're also offering adults the opportunity to take part in a series of discussion groups aimed at celebrating nature while exploring the threats to it.
"Read Green, Live Green" Program Highlights

The program itself runs through August and offers books, reading tours and performances for both adults and children on such critical environmental issues as climate change, energy conservation and even farming.

And the folks behind it are quick to point out that roughly 45,000 kids read more than 1,000,000 books during last year's summer reading program, which means there's a terrific chance that a whole generation of Chicago school children will be reading about going green all summer long.

So hats off to the city of Chicago for making this summer reading program a green read indeed. Perhaps next year other cities and towns will pick up the ball and run with it, as a summer program like this can have an impact on kids for the rest of their lives.

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Via: The Chicago Tribune

Chicago Launches "Read Green, Live Green" Summer Reading Program
As with all summer reading programs

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