Chicago Becomes First City to Ban Bottles With BPA

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And so the tide continues to turn against Bisphenol A: it's been declared a health hazard in Canada, seen its baby bottles booted out of US States, and now, Chicago's kicked it out as well. Chicago has become the first city to officially ban bottles made with BPA plastics, the New York Times reports today. Bottle manufacturers have already been walking away from BPA en masse, and this latest development is great news indeed for the movement to rid the world of BPA. Here's how it happened. According to the New York Times,

The City Council on Wednesday unanimously adopted a measure making Chicago the nation's first city to ban the sale of baby bottles and sippy cups manufactured with a chemical that some studies have linked to disease. Passage was driven by what officials here call federal regulators' failure to take action on a grave public health issue.

Chicago officials also took the opportunity to join the chorus of voices condemning the FDA's dubious decision to state that BPA was safe for the US market, even after reviewing several studies showing the dangers it poses, especially to young children:
"The F.D.A. continues to be recalcitrant and very slow about taking any action on BPA," said Alderman Manuel Flores, one of two Chicago officials who proposed the city's ban after hearing concerns about the chemical's potentially harmful effects in young children.

And it looks like the trend will continue:
Though Chicago is the first city with such a ban, it is not the first jurisdiction. Last week Gov. Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota signed into law a statewide prohibition on baby bottles and sippy cups made with BPA, and similar bills are pending in Congress, as well as in other states. The Connecticut House passed a measure last month, and the State Senate is expected to vote on that bill this week.

The move clears the way for BPA-free bottles to grow even more widespread, even though retailers like Wal Mart have already dumped BPA bottles.

Begone, BPA. Begone.

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