Chevron Appeal Against $18 Billion Ecuadorean Fine Rejected by Supreme Court

A quick update on the saga of Ecuador hitting Chevron with an $18.2 billion fine for its operations polluting the Amazon, and Chevron trying to not pay it: Reuters reports that the US Supreme Court has rejected an appeal by Chevron that attempted to allow to the oil company to avoid paying the fine, on the grounds it was unenforceable under New York law.

The quick timeline of events: Two years ago Chevron was fined; Chevron appealed and won an injunction against the fine; that injunction was overturned; this latest ruling, given without explanation by the Supreme Court, did not overturn the overturned injunction.


We're back to Chevron saddled with a humungous fine, pursuing racketeering lawsuit against the environmental groups that brought the issue to light in Ecuador and helped with the initial proceedings leading to the fine, and a huge question mark about whether the fine will ultimately be collected.

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