Chernobyl Anniversary: Party Tips!

April 26 marks the 20-year anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. Who wants to sit around and debate the death toll or quibble over the merits of the nuclear energy? Snore! We've rounded up some sure-fire hints for a truly unforgettable evening. Start planing now so nothing goes wrong!

Emergencies are hot. Loop The China Syndrome all night. You'll see Michael Douglas at his Viggo Mortensen-like zenith. If memory serves, Jane Fonda goes bra-less for much of it. Nice!

Hors d'oeuvres or Horrors de jour? Let food set the tone. When your guests arrive, inform them that at least one of the goodies on the party platter will kill them immediately and the rest slowly over a number of years.

Safety Dance. Pick some of the most offensive 80's music you can find. Then, try to contain it in a roped off "safety zone" that doubles as a dance floor. Will the noxious tunes infiltrate the rest of the party? Of course, but the fun is in pretending you can't hear!

What's your poison? Encourage interaction right from the start! Tape a small envelope containing the name of a long-term side-effect to each drinking glass. Guests will affix the illnesses to one another's backs and provide clues. The first to guess her affliction wins a bottle of vodka!

Three Mile Island Melts. Stay tuned for the recipe that will keep them coming back every twenty years! ::