Chelsea Football Team is the Greenest, Plus Other Winners

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The winners of the Green 500 awards have been announced--these are organisations taking part in a London-wide campaign to reduce carbon emissions.

The greenest football (soccer) team is Chelsea Football Club. Despite the fact that their captain drives a Ferrari, the team has a serious environmental policy. It encourages supporters to use public transport to get to the games. They also have a car-sharing scheme for fans and 85% of the rubbish at games is recycled. At the training grounds recycled water is used on the fields and staff are given loans to buy bicycles

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Other winners include Pret a Manger, the sandwich chain. Recently the owner announced that he would no longer be selling tuna sandwiches because of the decline of the fish. But the award goes to them for other environmental activism. The company is reducing its packaging of sandwiches, saving 8.27 tons a year and they are using recycled cardboard for the salad bowls instead of plastic. They are re-designing drink bottles to save 28,000kg of plastic and seven electric delivery trucks are being used to distribute food to homeless charities, thus saving 11 tons of carbon. Currently 96% of their packaging is recyclable and Pret’s ultimate aim is to make 100% of their packaging from recycled materials.

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Congrat's to the Natural History Museum. It has invested £3million in a new energy system to harness heat from on-site power generation and it runs two hybrid cars.

The London School of Economics won for introducing a ‘zero-waste’ programme aimed at students; installing state of the art recycling bins and preventing 85 tonnes of materials being sent to landfill.

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