Cheers: Sun 21 Crossed The Atlantic!


A big thanks to "thecrossing" for letting us know, via Hugg, that the Sun21, a solar powered catamaran, made it across the Atlantic, to Martinique. We wrote about Sun21 back in 2006 when it was a blueprint and parts on a warehouse floor. The comments on that original post were, and still are, something to behold. In doggeral tribute to Timbuk 3 and the Sun21 crew, 'the future is so bright, they had their own shade.' Via: Development Crossing:- With an eight person crew, the 60 square meters of solar panels powering the boat allowed the team to travel up to 198 kilometers (123 miles) a day, covering the final 5,000 kilometer (3,100 miles) non-stop leg in 30 days. Another crew member said, "There's hardly any vibration, the solar panels provide us with shade and, unlike a sailing boat, we make good headway even when there's no wind." Check out the entire journey here. View a celebration video at the start of the cat's 7,000 mile journey here.