Check Out the Australian Climate Dance Party!

Some say that the Aussies can't have any fun. Really? Well, for the doubters out there I give you a couple of hundred Power Shift Australia climate activists performing a "flash dance mob."The Australian Youth Climate Coalition crew mobilized to pull of the event in Sydney, and as the performance went on it only grew more incredible. Power Shift 2009 sought to "leverage the momentum AYCC member groups - all of Australia’s biggest youth organisations - have built through their various programs and campaigns." Looks like they accomplished their goal, with a little funk thrown in.

Young people are organizing more Power Shift summits in the US, UK and Australia. This event comes on the heals of the big Power Shift demonstration of power this spring when US climate youth activists brought over 10,000 people to DC to lobby for climate action.

In the US, Power Shift's platform includes cutting carbon emissions now, creating new green jobs, increasing investment in renewable fuels, and much more. Read it all here.

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