Chattanooga To Atlanta: "Come On In. The Water's Fine!"


This news item from USA Today clarifies what might happen to the people of Atlanta, Georgia, should a worst-case drought condition last another year. Sure, a few businesses might plan to relocate across the State line in the interim; but, once the decision is open, nearby Chattanooga Tennessee is only one of many possible destinations. Economic development bravado aside, folks won't be moving all the way to Detroit should there be a severe water crisis. Plenty of drinking water is about an hour's drive or so away. You could bike it if you had to.

And all this talk of taking up arms against pipelines from the Great Lakes and drought-driven diaspora is just nuts.

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — First, the mayor wants it known that his water-rich city 118 miles north of drought-stricken Atlanta isn't bragging. Second, though, he wants businesses considering locating in the Southeast to know that his city has an abundance of water, thanks to the Tennessee River.

"We have tremendous water resources," Mayor Ron Littlefield says. "We're not trying to lord it over our neighbors to the south. We don't point to Atlanta and say, 'Atlanta doesn't have water.' But if it's a factor in an industry locating here, we're proud to have it."

Littlefield says officials in Atlanta and other cities have told him they eye the river with envy and would love to have such an asset in their economic development arsenal.

There are no outdoor watering restrictions in Chattanooga.

Via:USA Today, "Chattanooga touts plentiful water" Image credit::Kathleen Greeson for USA TODAY

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