Charles Scott Howard: The Miner Who Took On Big Coal

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Huffington Post
has an excellent piece detailing the story of Charles Scott Howard, a miner who revealed just how unsafe mining practices are.

"Howard was the only working miner to appear before officials that day. His testimony came in the form of a video he'd shot in his own mine, which was run by the Cumberland River Coal Company, a subsidiary of the second-largest coal producer in the U.S., Arch Coal. Before Howard aired his video in front of a packed room, his attorney, Tony Oppegard, noted repeatedly for the record that what Howard was about to do should be considered protected whistleblower activity under federal law. Indeed, what Howard's video showed were mine seals so fractured that water spurted out through their cracks."

It's an incredible story, and one you want to read beginning to end. Follow Jaymi on Twitter for more stories like this