Changents: More Social Networking for Social Change

Social networking seems to be all the rage these days. Despite numerous invitations to Facebook, this author has yet to get into this phenomenon, but it certainly doesn’t seem to be getting any less popular.

Encouragingly, we've recently noticed an increasing range of sites dedicated to social networking for those of us interested in social and environmental change.

Not long ago Collin brought us a roundup of what’s currently out there, and soon after that we brought news of yet another service, MakeMeSustainable. Now it seems we need to add another site to the list, with the launch of Changents:

We are...
The online stomping ground for Gen X & Y’ers asking tough questions about society and demanding a platform for action.

We connect...
Trailblazers tackling the world’s biggest problems – and you. They tell their stories and you tell yours. Then we give you the tools to take action and track your Ripple effect.

We change...
The world. At viral speed.

It’ll be interesting to see how much room there is for more sites like this, and which ones take off. We certainly wish Changents luck, and we are glad to see a focus on tips for concrete action – after all, there’s only so much virtual networking you can do before you have to get out there and walk your talk. ::Changents::via tip from Warren – cheers mate!::

Changents: More Social Networking for Social Change
Encouragingly, we've recently noticed an

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