Challenging "Toyota's Eco-hypocrisy" at the New York Auto Show


When we last wrote about the Toyota Tundra in these pages, readers said that there was a role for big pickups on farms and in industry, and that Toyota wasn't going to leave that market to GM and Ford. Thus they developed the Tundra, which is bigger and gets worse mileage than either of its competitors. Others aren't so sure that is a good idea; activists from the Freedom from Oil Campaign hacked the New York Auto Show with this banner. "Building Priuses does not give Toyota license to mass-produce the Tundra," said Sarah Connolly, the co-director of the Freedom from Oil campaign for Rainforest Action Network. "If Toyota really believed in curbing global warming, why did they argue with the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers in the Supreme Court that CO2 is not a pollutant and that the EPA should not have the right to help regulate greenhouse gas emissions?" ::Freedom from Oil

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