Celebrities Tell Nobu Not to Serve Bluefin Tuna

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Some hot celebrities have told Nobu, the famous sushi restaurant, not to serve bluefin tuna. The news of the near extinction of the fish has just hit big-time due to the release of the new movie The End of the Line.

Thirty-one stars including Sting, Elle Macpherson, Woody Harrelson, Charlize Theron and Sienna Miller have written a letter to the owner asking him to take it off the menu so that they can "dine with a clear conscience." Under pressure, the London branches of the sushi bar have agreed to put a note on the menu informing patrons that the fish is endangered.

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The celeb's wrote in their letter that "As customers and fans of Nobu we strongly feel that bluefin tuna must be completely removed from your menu due its perilous position as an extremely endangered anima. Nobu is a restaurant we all love, a world leader in sushi with a fantastic reputation and enormous influence. If Nobu took a definitive stand on this issue it could make a critical difference."

The owner has said that the sushi made of bluefin tuna is "a cultural institution in Japan and there is still an enormous demand for this delicacy at all our restaurants."

However other top London restaurants with equally famous clientele have been doing quite well without the tuna on their menu, thank you. Famous chefs such as Gordon Ramsay, Angela Hartnett, Joel Rubuchon and Giorgio Locatelli all have rejected serving the fish.

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Breaking News: Pret a Manger Drops Tuna from their Sandwiches

In a major news breaking addition to this story, the owner of Pret a Manger sandwiches has announced that he will be taking tuna fish sandwiches off the menu in his 155 sandwich shops across the UK.

Having seen The End of the Line, he said that: " Much as a result of your film, we took tuna out of Pret sushi entirely. No tuna in the box at all...so more in the sea, where they belong. We no longer sell the tuna and cucumber sandwich at Pret. We do an Alaskan salmon, which is sustainable. Both my companies will do everything they can to speed up the process by which we only buy sustainable fish. Itsu is just about to sign a deal which provides only pole and line [fish] and traces each delivery to each boat. Neither Itsu or Pret would touch bluefin tuna."

This is a major coup for the cause and the filmmakers deserve great credit for putting their story out so forcefully and effectively. :: The Evening Standard
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