Celebrating Earth Day Together, Across the Internet

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Earth Day. The day to celebrate planet Earth, the planet that we call home. Today is the day to look back and reflect on how "eco" friendly we are and what we can do for the future. Here you will find everything from freebies and gifts, to how to lower your pets green pawprint, quizzes, and unique ways to celebrate from sources around the web. This year, celebrate Earth Day with a little help from the internet -- which can actually be pretty green!Creative Ways to Honor Earth Day
Earth Day Artists: Slide Show
Some artists devote their lives to creating art that somehow helps the Earth. Meet just a few of them here, in honor of Earth Day.

Earth Day Celebrations Around The World : Slide Show
For more than 40 years since the first Earth Day, countries around the world have put their own spin on the celebration --from pins to mass plantings. See some pictures here!

Burning Ice
Watch the documentary film about an ice-breaking ship for a nine-day voyage off the coast of Greenland, "Burning Ice" here!

Earth Day on the Web
Earth Confessions
Submit your green sins or pray to an ecological saint in this virtual Mother Earth confession booth.

The Web Goes Green for Earth Day
Many popular search engines and websites honor Earth Day by "going green" on their homepages -- see them all here.

Earth Day: Some News Is So Good It Needs Its Own Page
Want to find out the best movies to watch, the best books to read today, and more? Huffington Post gathers its favorite links for Earth Day on this page.

How To: Celebrate Earth Day Online
Celebrate how other organizations are celebrating today, including Sesame Street, Meebo, World Wildlife Fund, and the National Hockey League.

Test Your Earth Day Knowledge
Recycling: How Much Do You Know
How much do you really know about what and how we recycle?

Win An Eco Gift!
41 (Free) Songs For The 41st Earth Day
1% for the Planet teamed up with 41 artists to produce a compilation of rare exclusive tracks from artists like Jack Johnson, Josh Ritter, Jackson Browne, and Grace Potter and it's available for free download today.

Earth Day Freebies: The Best Free Earth Day 2011 Promotions
From free coffee and free trees, to more free coffee, check out some of the best free pick-ups available for Earth Day this year.

Honoring Our Furry and Feathered Friends
10 simple ways to green your pet for Earth Day
Earth-friendly steps to help reduce your pet's "carbon pawprint" from Petfinder.

Green Pets Quiz
Take this quiz to see if you know just how much dogs, cats and other domestic animals impact the environment -- and how eco-conscious pet parents can help their furry friends join the cause.

What's my pet's carbon paw print?
From everything to your pet's supplies, food, and origin, it has a carbon footprint.

5 Ways to Detox Your Pet's Space
Ways to detox your pets' favorite spots and make your home a safer place to be overall.

7 Ways to Reduce Your Pets Carbon Paw-print
Get seven tips for where to buy eco-friendly pet products and what to recognize when keeping your pet green.

Top 5 Greenest Pets
Check out these top five options for getting a green pet.

Remembering Wildlife Affected by the BP Oil Spill
Gulf Oil Disaster: One Year Later
Since the BP Gulf Oil Spill, more than 6,500 birds, 1,100 endangered sea turtles, and more than 100 marine mammals (mostly dolphins) have been found dead or captured alive in the disaster zone. Read an update on the Gulf animals.

Animals Affected by the Oil Spill
The one year anniversary of the BP Gulf Oil Spill falls so close to Earth Day. Click through the pictures here to remember the animals covered by the oil and still struggling today.

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