Celebrating 101010 At Hayes Valley Farm, San Francisco


Photo: Bonnie Hulkower

Indian summer weather drew hundreds of people to Hayes Valley Farm today, October 10th 2010, to participate in an environmental work party. The work party was part of a worldwide day dedicated toward actions to avert climate change. The event was hosted by Hayes Valley Farm and Kitchen Garden SF. Participants celebrated with activities in 350 gardens, yards, balconies and community spaces throughout San Francisco to learn about how to transform these spaces into "kitchen gardens" and how to become part of the eating hyperlocally movement. For those without suitable garden spaces, Hayes Valley Farm was the setting for the largest 10.10.10 Bay Area work party event and a surrogate garden for anyone who needed it. Kitchen Garden SF led an eponymous "350 Garden Challenge" with the goal of installing 350 gardens in a single day in San Francisco. Gardeners, urban farmers, and local food activists joined together to help laypeople (such as myself) achieve this goal. One of the themes was to grow alphabet farms, by encouraging people to pick a letter from A-to-Z and plant a seed starting with that letter (A is for Arugula, B is for Beans). The alphabet gardens will be photographed and be part of an online series.

10/10/10 marked 350.org's 2nd annual international event with more than 6,000 scheduled work parties across 180 countries. Participants of every 10/10/10 event took actions aimed at reducing carbon emissions.

350.org encourages people to become part of the climate change movement. 350.org has the goal of reducing emissions of carbon dioxide to abate the rate of global warming. 350.org chose its name based on scientist James Hansens's research, which stated that 350 parts-per-million (ppm) of CO2 in the atmosphere is the safe upper limit to avoid a climate tipping point.

The day at Hayes Valley Farm was jam packed with activities. In the morning, there was an urban farm bike tour of unique, edible landscapes with local permaculturist Kevin Bayuk and WIGG Party co-founder Morgan Fitzgibbons. Also, in the morning, there was a materials & resource share, where kitchen garden challenge participants could pick up compost, mulch, seedlings and share gardening tips

In the afternoon, there was the kitchen garden fair with workshops and craft activities. For people with the yard space, the farm was selling 14 species of fruit and nut trees. There were workshops on San Francisco's seasonal crops, a seed swap with the Pocket Seed Library, and a silk screen workshop with participants screening t-shirts and aprons with a commemorative 10-10-10 image. Also, since it was a work day, there were people working, i.e. planting produce that will be harvested in the Spring.

In the early evening, there was a twilight potluck picnic where participants were encouraged to eat their Zip Code and share a meal with other folks who choose to eat hyper-locally. After it got dark, the farm turned into a party with live entertainment. San Francisco's Bicycle Dance Troupe, the Bay Area Derailleurs, performed, as well as the ensemble Jugtown Pirates and DJ Spin Cycle. As the sun set imagery from across the planet was projected on the Hayes Valley Farm Greenhouse.

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