Celebrate Earth Day in New York At The Green Apple Arts and Music Festival


As Earth Day approaches the variety of activities and events being organised gets bigger and bigger! The latest one we’ve been informed about is The Green Apple Arts + Music Festival. The festival will take place in New York’s premiere music venues from April 20 – 23. There’s a fantastic line up of bands, films, education, environmental activities and fun! The whole event is being organised by former Wetlands owner Peter Shapiro, in association with Relix Magazine. Greenclubs are also getting involved with the Green Apple Festival by encouraging owners and managers of the venues involved with the festival to stock organic liquor. Greenclubs appeals to the ideals of the growing number of environmentally aware nightclub owners and managers by offering them a variety of services designed to save them time and increase their profits while at the same time promoting the greening of their clubs. Thanks to Remy Chevalier of Cocktail Organico for the tip. ::Green Apple Festival.

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