Cast Your Vote in The Great Copy Machine Epidemic of 2008!


If you haven't had the chance to vote yet for the school that you think solved The Great Copy Machine Epidemic of 2008 there's simply no time left to wait. With just a few days left to cast your ballot and help determine which disease it is that's been causing school photocopy machines everywhere to chew up trees and contributing to global warming in the process.

For while we all know that the paper industry uses tremendous amounts of energy and causes deforestation as well, few realized until recently that there just may be a strange, contagious disease to blame for the tremendous amount of paper used by school copy machines.

You know those giant, devilish, tree-eating machines that lurk in the bowels of virtually every main office or back room in schools across America?
The symptoms were first identified at the Robert Moses Middle School in NY, but schools across the country quickly recognized symptoms as well when tipped off to the crisis; "diagnosing" their photocopy machines with the diseases they believe may be causing the problem before shutting them down in a national day of action to help stop global warming on April 17th.

Of course no eco-contest is complete without a group of friendly, eco-minded celebrity judges; and where better to find those than among the readers of TreeHugger? So come check out our finalists and help decide which team of student scientists you think uncovered which disease was behind The Great Copy Machine Epidemic of 2008. Because whether it was Tree-berculosis, Consumption, Atmospheric Pollutantinosis or a severe case of Carbon Footprint Swollenitis, the simple truth is that the planet you help save may be our own.


via:: Copy Crisis Team

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