Cash For Clunkers Suspended by Midweek Unless Senate Approves Funding: Transportation Secretary

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photo: Tom Peck via flickr
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The House appropriated more money for the so successful it's broke Cash For Clunkers program last week, but without the Senate approving more money the program will be suspended by midweek Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said. But that's no sure thing, Reuters reports:Since the House is already on its summer break, the Senate (which goes on its break on Friday) can't amend the $2 billion in funding approved last Friday, they can only approve it as is.

But since several Senators, from both parties, have expressed concern about details of the program -- either on grounds that the fuel economy requirements are not stringent enough or that the auto industry has already received enough of an economic boost -- there is a chance that the whole thing could grind to a halt.

via: Reuters
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