Cash for Clunkers is Ruining the Demolition Derby Industry (VIDEO)


Photo via Ontario County Fair

It's sad but true--the enormously popular Cash for Clunkers program that took 690,000 polluting cars off the road and replaced them with brand new, slightly less polluting ones has had an unforeseen effect. Since the 'clunked' vehicles get their engines scrapped to keep them off the road, Cash for Clunkers has cut off a prime used car supply source for the demolition derby industry--which has now fallen on hard times. The Daily Show investigates after the jump.

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A $14 billion dollar industry, hm? Ah, the ol' demolition derby industry. I can't think of a day that goes by without my contributing to it in some way--does having my car keyed count?

And while this is all obviously played entirely for laughs, the issue was serious enough to warrant a real investigative report in Time magazine, in which Obama is memorably called "anti-demo-derby guy," says Tory Schutte, who's the head of the Demolition Derby Drivers Association.

I can only say, with all apologies and due respect, that any decline of the demolition derby industry can best be seen as an uncommon indicator of a growing clean energy economy. I'm afraid a world that couldn't support destruction derbies would be a greener one indeed.

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