Carter Center Launches Website to Boost Transparency In Congo Mining Industry capture

A new website,, has been launched with the help of the Carter Center and aims to increase transparency in the Democratic Republic of Congo's mining industry—which supplies much of the world's gold, diamonds and coltan, but has been plagued by conflict and corruption for years.

The country is the strongest example of the "resource curse," where the Congolese people are among the poorest in Africa despite the country's vast resource wealth. will provide information related to mining in DRC—from contracts and payments to records of New York Stock Exchange-listed companies with interests in a mine—and will publish hundreds of mining documents and maps.

The BBC quotes Elizabeth Caesens, the head of the Carter Center's mining governance project in DRC: "Our main target is Congolese actors who sometimes lack access to information about the more technical aspects of mining governance, such as mining contracts, revenue payments [and] production figures."

The Carter Center, the Jimmy Carter-founded human rights organization, launched the site (which is in French) with funding from the Belgian government, the former colonial power in DRC.

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