Carrot 0, Stick 1: Gas Prices Cause Boom in Bikes, Transit


As gas prices soar, so does interest in bicycling in Mass. BOSTON--Drivers clear a lane, bicyclists are taking to the road in record numbers in Massachusetts. In Cambridge ridership has soared 70 percent in five years, the MBTA is launching a "Bike Coach" to let riders bring their bicycles to beaches this summer and across the state bicycle shops are struggling to keep up with demand. ::Bike Commute Tips

High gas prices lead to surge in mass transit
It's standing-room-only on many commuter buses from Washington's suburbs. Rail systems from Boston to Los Angeles are begging passengers to shift their travel to non-peak hours. And some seats have been removed from San Francisco's subway cars to allow more people to cram in. Around the country, high gas prices are pushing more people to leave their cars at home and crowd onto trains, buses and subways. ::Associated Press
The American car culture is running out of gas:Across the nation, the price of gasoline is sending more and more Americans to public transit. This ridership surge points up three things: (1) These millions of new riders can do it. Most of them always could have. They just didn't. (2): We're not at the end of car culture yet . . . that's a few generations off . . . but (3) it's clear, in not-quite-hindsight, that the U.S. car culture does not work. ::Philadelphia Inquirer

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