Caroline Lucas on Peak Oil, Transition Towns, and the Failure of Traditional Politics

We’ve already covered the launch of the Transition Handbook last week, celebrating this significant next step in the story of Transition Towns – the community based response to peak oil and climate change that is sweeping the UK and beyond. However, we couldn’t help but post this virtual speech from Caroline Lucas, Member of the European Parliament and Green Party Spokesperson, that was broadcast at the official launch, which also happened to be the 21st birthday bash for the publishers, Green Books. Not only is Caroline’s speech an excellent summing up of the importance of the Transition Movement, it is also a worrying indication of how traditional political structures are failing to plan for peak oil and the threats and opportunities it represents. Meanwhile, the launch, or 'unleashing', of the latest Transition Town in Forest Row in Sussex saw a packed town hall decked out with handmade decorations, local cider, beer, apple juice and champagne, and a stage decorated with fruit trees. What better way can there be to face the challenges that are coming?

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