Offsetting 3 Billion Pounds of CO2

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Three billion pounds is more carbon dioxide than many countries produce in an entire year—and thanks to 400,000 individual contributors and 1,000 business partners, that's how much the non-profit is offsetting right now. The total comes from a diverse range of global offset projects in renewable energy, reforestation, carbon credits and energy efficiency. And it's one of the most momentous strides in combating climate change made so far.The "staggering number" is equivalent to "offsetting the CO2 of 154 million gallons of gas, or the electricity use of 180,000 homes for a year," says Eric Carlson,'s executive director. Businesses such as Dell, Volkswagen, JetBlue, Orbitz and Amtrak have been driving forces behind the effort, and are largely responsible for enabling such a massive offset. was founded in 2003, and has been growing at a rapid pace ever since, as this particular offset figure attests to. You may recall the's Climate Challenge, or the company's involvement in furthering carbon-free shipping.

And though much of the larger funding comes from businesses, the fact that the fund received donations from 400,000 contributors means that carbon offsets are appealing to a wider range of people than ever before. This also means that climate change has been further woven into the national consciousness, and more people are willing to take individual action, at their personal expense, to work towards preventing it.

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