Launches Climate Challenge


The Kyoto Protocol took effect one year ago today, with the U.S. conspicuously absent from the group of nations signed up to actively fight climate change at the national government level. Happily, has launched their "Climate Challenge," making it easy and affordable for anyone to reduce their climate impact through support of renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation. The Challenge is quite simple: by visiting and making a few strategic clicks of the mouse, anyone can offset their carbon emissions. The typical person can reduce their direct carbon emissions for less the $5.00 per month, or can go ZeroCarbon and offset their entire carbon footprint for less than $9.00. Carbonfund has partnered with Working Assets (a carbon-neutral company themselves), who will match five additional tons of CO2 reductions for the first 100,000 people who go ZeroCarbon. Don't keep sweatin' it out -- take the Challenge and cool your jets now! via ::CSRWire