Introduces Carbonfree Shipping


Finding those perfect eco-friendly products can be tricky, especially if you don’t live in one of the world’s major metropolises. The world of online retail brings the marketplace within reach, but the shipping of products is not without its environmental detriment. To help confront this problem,, a carbon offset non-profit and the force behind Working Assets’ carbon neutrality, has teamed with Carnegie Mellon’s Green Design Institute in the creation of a scheme to calculate and offset CO2 emissions from the shipping of online purchases. The newly launched program, called Carbonfree Shipping, includes Better World Books, 3R Living, Evogear, and Alonovo. Carbonfund expects that other online sellers will adopt the program soon as well. Check out this week’s installment of TreeHugger Radio on Ecotalk for more on Carbonfree Shipping and a word with Carbonfund Executive Director, Eric Carlson. ::

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