Carbon Trust Award £1 Million in Green Grants

The UK government has just awarded grants totaling £1 million to seven green projects. Ok, that's not a lot of money, especially in the world of Government contracts, but if they are well targeted then it could make a large difference. The money will be coming from the Carbon Trust, which is a private company that is totally funded by the government, set up to investigate ways to slow and reverse climate change.

Carbon Trust employee, Garry Staunton, said that the project's, "diverse nature demonstrates the exciting low carbon innovation work in the UK today". Among the recipients are Coventry University which is developing a technique for aluminum smelting that could reduce emissions by 20% and Warwick Manufacturing Group who are working on developing a paint coating process that would mean plastic manufacturing companies no longer require a paint shop.Since it was started, the Carbon Trust has invested over £17m, which is enabling research and product development that otherwise might not be possible. They also participate in other schemes, like the development of carbon footprint labeling schemes. ::The Guardian