"Carbon Nation" Pumps Up CO2 Reduction Solutions

Carbon Nation Trailer photo

It's stuff we all know about - compact fluorescent lighting, wind energy, efficiency, green jobs - the kind of stuff we talk about incessantly on TreeHugger.

Yet seeing all these solutions in Earth School's 4-minute trailer of the upcoming documentary Carbon Nation makes them feel more real, just like seeing Al Gore do his shtick in An Inconvenient Truth brought the reality of global warming home (whether or not each individual fact he uttered could be 100 percent proven). And that's a good thing. Global warming gets scarier the more you think about it, but Carbon Nation, scheduled to be released late in the year, aims to dwell not on the scary but on the possibilities for solving the problem.Carbon Nation interviews some of the usual suspects: Ray Anderson from Interface, Lester Brown from the Earth Policy Institute, Amory Lovins from RMI. Director Peter Byck, who spent six years filming the semi-fictional road movie documentary "Garbage" and Ralph the Roadie wanted a light-hearted approach to telling people what they can do, should do, and need to do right now to curb climate change.

"We need the peril to bring out the best in the people."

- Van Jones, Green for All, from Carbon Nation

To watch the four-minute Carbon Nation trailer click here.

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