"Carbon Nation," Focusing on Climate Solutions, Hitting Theaters Soon (Video)

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van jones, via Ted Talks

It took "An Inconvenient Truth" and then "The Age of Stupid" to wake many people up to the reality of climate change and what our role is in causing it. Yet while those films were long on pointing out the problem, they were short on presenting solutions, leaving many feeling powerless. Enter "Carbon Nation," a new documentary that shows what can be done to slow and reverse climate change before it's too late. The film, directed by Peter Byck, has been in production for a while. Treehugger first wrote about it in 2008, but now it's coming to theaters later this month. It's just time time, with renewed attacks on both climate science and climate change action.

Here's a clip with Van Jones, a guy who knows a little something about attacks from climate deniers. In the clip, Jones goes to a low income home where solar panels are bring installed by workers benefiting from new green jobs. "If you want to have a green economy, it's got to be about... reclaiming people, reclaiming neighborhoods. That's the green economy," said Jones.

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