'Cap and Tr8tor' Campaign Launched to Ruin Republicans Who Voted for Climate Bill

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In case the allegedly anti-tax 'tea parties' held earlier this year weren't ridiculous enough for you, the conservative masterminds of those screw-loose events have returned with another one: Cap and Tr8tor. This time, the goal is to get the 8 Republicans who voted for the climate bill to change their vote within 5 days--or else. If they don't comply, Cap and Tr8tor threatens to "work to vote them out of office."Oh my. Those poor Republicans--not only is their party in a rapid downward spiral of declining popularity, but they can't break from the party line by thinking for themselves without getting harassed by fellow conservatives.

The website displays a counter that's ticking down the rogue Republican's deadline to change their vote. I can only hope that when it runs out, the action they take will be as embarassingly ridiculous as the TEA party protests, and they prompt their supporters once more to carry hilariously melodramatic (and offensive) signs comparing the politicians to Hitler and charging them with loving both taxes and baby-killing.

And why would I hope such a spectacle occur? Because each such event further marginalizes those who employ such hardline tactics and who vocally perpetuate a culture of fearful conformity in right-wing politics. It's a public referendum on how absurd they are. There are 44 Democrats who voted against the climate bill--nobody's threatening to ruin their careers. Mathew Yglesias explains it thus:

Meanwhile, though the cause here could not be less just, it is worth emphasizing that it’s a willing to issue these kind of threats—and be somewhat serious about them—that keeps the Republican caucus fairly disciplined and effective.
Which is (or was once) politically powerful, but it's hugely counterproductive towards nearly all environmental policy. If GOPers felt they could vote for a clean energy bill or other green legislation without getting their name dragged through the mud, we'd surely see more of it. And the more that coarse, anti-progressive groups reveal themselves to be laughably irrelevent, the less seriously the GOP will have to take them. Hopefully. Then, the day may even come when Republicans could support fighting climate change without having to hear public threats to vote them out of office from their own base!

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