Canuck Forests Reduce Emissions by 62 Per Cent

The Vancouver Sun reports on the state of the pulp and paper sector in British Columbia, Canada. The Report by the big guys at PriceWaterhouse Coopers says that greenhouse gas emissions from manufacturing have been reduced by 62 per cent since 1990. That also means that pulp and paper companies have reduced their emissions by 10 times beyond the 6 percent reduction laid out in the Kyoto Protocol.

In the Sun article, Valerie Langer of the environmental NGO, ForestEthics, says that, "the Canadian forest industry has committed to a life cycle analysis in conjunction with the World Wildlife Fund." Manufacturing is only one part of the life cycle of pulp and paper products as carbon is released through logging and methane is released when paper is buried in landfills.

This article comes not long after the announcement that the Canadian forest products industry was aiming for carbon neutrality by 2015 via a partnership with WWF. What an exciting prospect that the pulp and paper sector is going to start doing life cycle analysis. This could lead to great strides in energy reduction for that industry and it also sets a great example for forestry in the rest of the country. We'll keep you informed as they release actual documents and results. Via:: The Vancouver Sun. Image credit: Tony Hisgett.

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