Canola Oil Powered Car Wins Race from Berkeley to Vegas

veggie car photo

A Vegetable-Oil Powered Car in the Race, Photo Credit: SF Chronicle
Escape from Berkeley
Last week gasless cars raced across California to Vegas, in pursuit of not only a $5,000 prize but also the chance to show the world the possibilities of running a car without petroleum. The race, Escape from Berkeley, was officially called “Escape from Berkeley (by any non-petroleum means necessary)." More on the race and the winner below the fold.
gasless vehicle photo

The Winning Canola Powered Car Takes Off, Photo Credit: SF Chronicle

The Escape from Berkeley gasless race, hosted by Shipyard Labs, traversed Death Valley and the Sierra Nevada, showing people across the country the diversity of options for running a car petroleum free.

The cars raced included a Dodge Dakota run on wood scrap with a dash of cow dung, a Mercedes Benz 300SD powered by veggie oil, and the race winner, a canola oil powered high mileage sports car. The winning auto hit speeds up to 72 mph during the trip and made the 600 mile journey on only 12 gallons of top-shelf canola oil.

The race even got a mention in the Colbert Report.

Via: Escape from Berkeley
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