Canadian Tar Sands Will Be US' Largest Imported Oil Source in 2010: Ecologically Destructive & Immoral.

Considering the absolutely abysmal environmental impact the Canadian tar sands--don't believe industry supporters or Canadian politicians who say otherwise--this is a really scary thought. And frankly makes all the talk about getting oil from unfriendly foreign nations seem slightly ludicrous when the single largest source of our oil, and in its most destructive form, from an ally.

But backing up: Climate Progress highlights a new report from Cambridge Energy Research Associates (which frankly is just an oil industry booster group more than anything else), "Canadian OIl Sands in US Oil Supply".

Up to 36% of US Oil Imports by 2030

Canada's large reserves of tar sands (or oil sands) are poised to become the number one source of US crude imports in 2010...Oil sands imports could ultimately increased to account for 20 percent to 36 percent of US oil and refined product imports by 2030, from the 2009 level of 8 percent. (Houston Chronicle)

Let's Call Ecological Destruction What It Is: Immoral
We've gone over the massive environmental problems of tar sands production on numerous occasions (check out the links at the bottom for more info), and despite any prospective technological improvements the fact of the matter is that this is very dirty business. And one which BP, Shell, and other oil majors are all too excited to get involved in. Despite any investments in renewables, this is all about money over all other concerns, full stop.

It is amoral to such a degree that it is immoral.

As a movement let's stop shying away from the obvious and any potential reluctance to bring religion and metaphysics into environmentalism. Continued lasting ecological destruction caused directly by the pursuit of profit and return on investment is unethical or immoral (choose your term...). We need to start discussing these issues in these terms, in terms of right and wrong.

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