Canadian Official Threatens Obama and Clinton With Cutting Off Tar Sands Oil


Why worry about keeping church and state separate when oil and automobiles already poison North American political culture? Here's the latest dustup:- a trade war threat by a Canadian official against US presidential candidates. Analysis by category.

Car Making
Canada exports numerous cars that are designed in the US, assembled in Canada, and then sold in the US, bringing many jobs and sustaining a positive balance of trade for Canada (which does not want things messed up by challenges to NAFTA by US Democrats).

Neither do the Detroit-based car companies and the US oil companies operating in Alberta, all of which seem to have positive relationships with the present US Federal and the Canadian National Governments. Tactical similarities between national leaders of the US and Canada are remarkable:- see: Prime Minister Mini-Me Cans Science Advisor
US Politics
On the campaign trail, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton both have been trash talking NAFTA a bit lately, taking a populist stance toward jobs and health and environmental protection. For Ohio's sake.Canadian Politics

Americans' privileged access to Canada's massive oil and gas reserves could be disrupted if Washington cancels the NAFTA accord as Democratic presidential candidates threaten, Canadian Trade Minister David Emerson warned yesterday.

"There's no doubt if NAFTA were to be reopened we would want to have our list of priorities," he said.

"Knowledgeable observers would have to take note of the fact that we are the largest supplier of energy to the United States, and NAFTA has been kind of a foundation of integrating the North American energy market," Mr. Emerson said.

Oh Please Mr.Emerson...don't valve off the oil pipeline! How could we ever live without Texifying the Midwest and screwing over the McKenzie Delta and using up the natural gas that otherwise could be used to make clean electricity and affordable fertilizer for Saskatchewan farmers? Fertilizer that has helped make Canada breadbasket of the world.


If Canadian farmers ever put 2 and 2 together - figure out why it's increasingly hard to afford nitrogen fertilizer - they'll pin Minime's hide up on the dining room wall of the CHâTEAU LAURIER. Unless, of course, a Democrat wins the US Presidency, in which case we can be sure that the companies working Ft McMurray will be delighted to shut down to fulfill this political strategy.

Via::Toronto Globe and Mail, "Ottawa plays oil card in NAFTA spat" Image credit::Globe and Mail, National News AND "Current world fertilizer trends and outlook to 2011/12"

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