Canadian Election Update: Nothing to Report

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Canadian party leaders look ready for a game of poker rather than a debate.

What idiot scheduled the big Canadian leader debate on the same night as the American VP showdown? Who wants to watch five Canadian party leaders all say pretty much the same thing when you can watch the Thrilla from Wazilla? The Canadian election is so boring in comparison. Incumbent Prime Minister Stephen Harper has done a remarkable job in keeping his radical base covered in duct tape and has been kissing babies instead of eating them. Until he pandered to his base by cutting arts funding last week he had the artsy urban green lefties on the run.

Stephane Dion has the greenshift platform that every environmentalist should love, but the American economic crash and its reverberations in Canada are making him backtrack fast. He also can't explain it, so people are deserting the party in droves.

The New Democratic Party was for years the natural home of green voters, but as Richard Littlemore writes in Desmogblog:

"Canada's New Democratic Party leader Jack Layton continues to opt for cheap partisan opportunism over sound environmental policy - most recently decrying the British Columbia carbon tax as "unfair for ordinary working families" and tying it to Conservative Party leader Stephen Harper.

There was a time when the NDP had real credibility as Canada's most environmentally conscious party - a position that they have given over, apparently in equal parts, to the Green party and to Stephane Dion's Liberals. "

Elizabeth May and the Green Party are working hard, but when you have the Liberals with their Greenshift platform, do you throw your vote to a new small party with no chance? Liberals have ruled this country for most of its existence, they are really green, what do you do?

Fortunately there is a terrific resource to help Canadians out. We don't vote for the party leader, but for our local Member of Parliament; whoever gets the most seats wins. Kevin Grandia, one of the guys behind DeSmogBlog, set up Vote For Environment to look at each riding and make recommendations for which candidate has both the best environmental record and the best chance of winning, across party lines. He writes

"We believe that the Harper Government’s collusion with the Bush White House to obstruct progress on climate change at recent international summits does not reflect how Canadians want their leaders to behave on the world stage. The Harper and the Conservative Party are simply not in step with what scientists say is needed, with Canadians' concerns, and with economic benefits of dealing with climate change.

All the other major Parties have programs that seriously address our critical climate concerns and are talking about them in this election.

If those of us who care about the environment don’t work together across party lines, the pro-environment vote will be split as it was in the last election and Harper will be re-elected. "

In other words, vote to win for the environment. Great resource for Canadians in doubt at ::Vote for the Environment

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Canadian Election Update: Nothing to Report
What idiot scheduled the big Canadian leader debate on the same night as the American VP showdown? Who wants to watch five Canadian party leaders all say pretty much the same

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