Canadian Election Update: Economy Trumps Environment

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Stephane Dion and Al Gore

Stéphane Dion has based his campaign on the Green Shift, a strong environmental stance that should be drawing all the Canadian Treehugger types to his side. But there is so much history of the Liberals as the Natural Governing Party that many environmentalists just have trouble considering a vote for the Liberals. In fact, the numbers are staggering: in British Columbia and Ontario, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May is outpolling Dion on some questions.

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Strategic Counsel via Globe and Mail

Also, as Canada's largest trading partner goes through an economic meltdown, people are getting worried about the economy. Pollster Peter Donolo notes in the Globe and Mail that the Green Shift is a hard sell, an abstract concept.

"It's the big question of the campaign. Is the green issue the dominant issue, or is it the economy? And the indications are that it's the economy," Mr. Donolo said

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Meanwhile the Conservatives picked up Karl Rove's playbook on the experience card when he tossed it away with the Palin VP selection: they are attacking viciously. However the polls show that Canadians don't like this kind of campaign, Harper has had to apologise, and the polls pick him as the "nastiest" leader. ::Globe and Mail
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