Canadian Architects Call Out Harper for Hypocrisy


The Royal Architectural Association of Canada is a voluntary organization that has not usually been considered a disturber of the status quo. Thus this TreeHugger thinks it is time to pay my dues, because they have taken a strong position on climate change, (calling for immediate 50% reduction in greenhouse gases in architecture and for all buildings to be climate neutral by 2030), and are loudly pointing out hypocrisy in the Harper Conservative government. It appears that funding has been cut for programs like the Commercial Building Incentive Program, that encouraged more efficient buildings, at the same time as Harper is running around saving trees and buying An Inconvenient Truth. Said President Vivian Manasc: "Canada's Architects are disappointed. The built environment accounts for almost half of all greenhouse gas emissions. Considering that Architects across Canada have between $40 to $50 billion worth of projects 'on the Boards', and that buildings last for 50 to 100 years, the Government's lack of real commitment is appalling. We think it is time they got serious and raised rather than eliminated incentives to increasing energy efficiency." Bravo, RAIC. Time to pay my dues. ::RAIC via ::Archinect

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