Canada's Newspapers : Welcome to the New Climate

Saturday rather than Sunday is the big day for newspapers in Canada; on Sunday we are supposed to be in church. The Globe and Mail has a special issue devoted to climate change, with much worth reading. Editor-in-chief Edward Greenspon says that the environment is the most important issue of 2007; They also provide an excellent graphic guide at Climate Change 101. Even contrarian Margaret Wente steps out of her SUV long enough to acknowledge that "I've spoken to enough brainy scientists to conclude that human activity is affecting the climate and that global warming is for real" although she does go on to say that it might be rather nice for Canada.

Meanwhile over in the funny papers, aka the National Post, they have finally admitted that climate change exists, after hosting a parade of every climate change denier on the planet on its editorial page. True to form, they do it a la Economist by extolling the wonders of a warmer climate with cruise ships running from Hudson Bay to Murmansk and hiking instead of skiing in the Rockies (sell that Whistler condo right now!)

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