Canada's New Green Plan Leaks Out Early

The Canadian Government is releasing its new environmental policy tomorrow. Perhaps part of it will be to ban fax machines, because they dialed it wrong yesterday and sent a copy of it to the oppposition. The plan includes halting growth of greenhouse gas emissions within five years, cutting them by 20% by 2020, and banning inefficient light bulbs.

The Minister will evidently say "we will not spin the wheel so hard as to put the Canadian economy in the ditch to deliver environmental plan [sic] asked for in some quarters....we will turn the corner with a balanced plan that recognizes the urgent need to act on the environment while also respecting our responsibility to keep Canadian families working." i.e., so much for Kyoto.

The government sent a second fax that said "You are in possession of confidential or government information that was faxed to you in error...sharing or distribution of this material is strictly prohibited" ... we await the arrival of the Mounties. ::the Star

UPDATE: Here is the speech.