Canada's Largest Supermarket Chain to Install Solar Panels on 100+ Stores in Ontario

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Loblaw Couldn't Resist Ontario's Generous Feed-in Tariff?
Loblaw is announcing today that it will put solar panels on the roof of 4 supermarkets in a pilot program, with the ultimate goal of installing solar arrays on more than 100 stores in Ontario. This is not surprising considering how insanely generous the feed-in tariffs for solar power are in the province (between 53.9 and 80.2 ยข/kWh, with 20-year contracts). I just hope that measures have been taken to avoid repeating what happened in Spain.
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The Honourable Brad Duguid, Ontario Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, today announced that the Ontario Power Authority had approved more than 100 Loblaw applications for rooftop solar installations on their stores through the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) program of the Green Energy Act. Based on the success of the initial four pilot projects, Loblaw will then evaluate the next phase of roll outs.

These solar rooftop installations should be particularly effective on hot days when demand for electricity increases (because of air conditioning), but I wonder how they're going to deal with snow covering the panels during winter.

Here's a Few Suggestions for Loblaw
Make your rooftops (and parking lots) as white as possible to reduce your A/C use and reduce the heat island effect. This doesn't cost much... Or if you want to go a bit further and your buildings can support extra weight, install green roofs. You could also use skylights or "sun pipes" to reduce energy consumption during the day. And of course, you should sell as much local and seasonal food as possible.

Kudos on the solar panels, but this is just a start. Whatever you do, don't stop there.

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