Canada's Conservatives Go Green?



Canadians woke up to these headlines in the National papers today. Remember, these are Conservatives, the Canuck equivalent of the Republican party in the States. Rona Ambrose is out; Pit bull John Baird is in. As Financial Post Humourist Terence Corcoran put it: "Who would have thought that a vote for Harper's Conservatives would turn into a vote for David Suzuki's warped war on modern prosperity. That Prime Minister Stephen Harper is now openly flirting with Suzukiism was reinforced yesterday as he explained his Cabinet shuffle and the government's new environmental focus. He said he aimed to tackle long term environmental issues that have been badly neglected. "Most Canadians simply don't understand how far Canada is behind on major environmental indicators compared to other developed countries -- not the developing world -- compared to other developed countries we are behind." Wow. ::National Post, :;Globe and Mail