Canada's Asbestos Mine Is About To Run Out Of The Stuff


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Canada's reputation has taken such an international hit over its continued export of asbestos to the developing world when it bans the use of the stuff at home. Really, even the Daily Show did a number on it. And it is all for naught; a confidential memo suggests that the mine at Thetford Mines, Quebec is almost depleted.

According to the 2008 report, quoted in the Globe and Mail,

"The open-pit Lac d'amiante du Canada (LAC) operation will be the last remaining chrysotile mine in Canada, with an estimated mine life of two to four years."...This week, LAB Chrysotile, the company that manages the mine, said it might shutter the operation indefinitely this November. The closure could effectively halt Canada's active asbestos mining industry.

Instead of just writing off the industry, the Quebec government is considering the reopening of another mothballed mine, and tossing C$58 million (US$ 61,316,000) into the whole as subsidy. Shocking. More in the Globe and Mail
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