Canada to Regulate Hot Tub Emissions


Missed in all of the discussions about CO2 "intensity" and accusations of "fraud" there are some things that we like in the Canadian Government's Green Plan. Vehicles generate 13% of Canada's greenhouse gases, but as of 2011 all cars and trucks must meet new fuel efficiency standards and motorcycles, snowmobiles and the dreaded all-terrain vehicles will be regulated. There will also be new standards for dishwashers, dehumidifiers, furnaces and that great Canadian institution, the hot tub.

In addition to appliances and vehicles, the government plans to regulate the emissions created by the production and use of cleaning agents, paints, inks and other products. Those regulations should come between 2007 and 2010. ::CBC

We loved this line from a comment to this CBC post: "despite my V8 SUV, my car, large house, cottage, boats, snowmobiles and such (which I have worked for and can afford), I do my best to 'be green' without adversely affecting my lifestyle and pocketbook."

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