Canada, Tarry-Eye'd, Pumps Out Climate Pact For US President-Elect Obama

ottawa swoops in with climate change offer photo

OTTAWA -- Prime Minister Stephen Harper is proposing to strike a joint climate-change pact with president-elect Barack Obama, an initiative that would seek to protect Alberta's oil sands projects from potentially tough new U.S. climate-change rules by offering a secure North American energy supply.

Key federal ministers issued the call for a climate-change pact yesterday, less than 24 hours after Mr. Obama won his historic election victory, in a clear bid by Ottawa to carve out a key place for Canada on the new administration's agenda.

Not to worry Canada; with all the other pressures piling up, President Elect Obama won't have time for any of that fun socialism stuff.Via:Globe & Mail, Ottawa swoops in with climate-change offer
Less than 24 hours after the election of Barack Obama, Canadian cabinet ministers begin calling for a pact that would keep emissions down while protecting Alberta's oil sands projects
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