Canada Sort of Commits to Kyoto. We think.


Prime Minister Stephen Harper previously renounced Canada's commitment to Kyoto, saying that it was impossible to meet. However he is head of a minority government, and the Opposition parties, led by Stephane Dion, (second from left in the picture above, Michael Ignatieff to his right) just passed a private members bill that "would force Environment Minister John Baird to present a climate change plan within 60 days, providing a map for Canada to meet Kyoto's greenhouse gas reduction targets. The treaty calls for emission levels at 6 per cent below 1990 levels – a drastic reduction from current levels. Within three months of the bill's passage into law, the federal cabinet would have to set out regulations on the petroleum and auto sectors, and other polluters, to have them meet their Kyoto targets."

Prime Minister Harper didn't bother to show up for the vote, and appears to give every indication that he plans to completely ignore the bill, so we may have a constitutional crisis on our hands but we do not have a real commitment to Kyoto. Yet. ::The Star

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