Canada Offers Massive Job Stimulus To Oklahoma

pipeline crossroads photo

"Cushing, Oklahoma foregoes the usual Welcome Sign and has a Welcome Pipeline on both ends of Hwy 33 as it crosses through their town." Image credit:Flickr, FreeWine

TransCanada, our pipe surfing neighbor from the Great White North, has extended a gracious offer to the US State of Oklahoma. Per a TransCanada presser: "As the Department of State proceeds with its 90-day consultation period to determine if TransCanada Corporation's ... proposed Keystone XL pipeline is in the U.S. national interest, an independent economic study finds that the construction of the project should provide significant, positive contributions to the Oklahoma economy by stimulating over 14,400 person years of employment." How could the US State Department possibly refuse such an incredible offer? Assume that a person-career is worth 35 years. (That's what our fathers lived for - more or less.) The TransCanada-offered 14,400 p-y's equate to 411 full time person-careers. That's enough to get Jim Inhofe's attention, wouldn't you say? Hillary Clinton's too. Not sure where Bill stands?

A Future Napper's Ransome
Screw the future. Let's bend over for a Canadian company's profits, hold earth hostage to a few hundred jobs in a handful of states, make sure big oil keeps funding election campaigns to the max, and ensure that Gulf Coast refineries can profitably ship diesel to Europe and China. (For context see: Chinese Firms Pumping Many Billions More Into Canadian Tar Sands - A US Devil Is In The Details)

The Back Drop
As of 2010, Oklahoma's 3,751,351 population had grown 8.7% in the preceding ten years. (US Census Bureau.)

The Oklahoma labor force is shrinking: probably because the oil and gas crews are moving to Pennsylvania for fracking work (my WAG).


Person-days ain't gonna spin it.