Canada Goes Gaga over Governator

Ahhnold spent the day tooling around Toronto with entourage in five big SUVs, signing agreements to commit Ontario to match California's low carbon fuel standards for cars, and burnishing the tarnished environmental image of Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty as we roll towards October elections.

However Ontario will not offend the auto industry by imposing California's limits on auto emissions; it is a powerful force against change. According to CNews: Buzz Hargrove, the head of the Canadian Auto Workers Union, warned that while Schwarzenegger's message might play well in California his plans would have "devastating consequences" in Ontario. "We support Schwarzenegger's visit to Canada and his message to reduce greenhouse gas emissions," Hargrove said. "But Schwarzenegger can talk all he wants because California doesn't have a major auto industry and the U.S. may be a large enough market to handle his policies."

New Democrat Leader Howard Hampton said "This is another photo op by the McGuinty government to try to cover up their lack of substance on the whole climate-change issue."

Next: off to Ottawa, to beat up the Prime Minister on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Good luck.

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