Canada, Germany Want to Work With Obama on Climate Change

barack obama in germany photo

Barack Obama speaking in Germany back in July, photo: matt4077.

At numerous times during his campaign, Barack Obama indicated that he would take a more collaborative, reengaged approach in dealing with other nations on major issues. And though he'll still be president-elect Obama for close to three months, that hasn't stopped politicians in other nations from reaching out to him, offering suggestions.

Canada Would Consider Climate Pact With US
Though Barack Obama's proposed emission cuts are deeper than those currently proposed in Canada, and he's indicated that he's not a big fan of "dirty oil" (i.e. the Alberta tar sands), that hasn't stopped Canada's Environment Minister Jim Prentice from reaching out across the border. Though he wouldn't go into details, Prentice said,

We do want to explore the possibility of a Canada/US agreement similar to what we did on acid rain in the early 1990s. (Reuters)

Germany Confident Obama Will Take Climate Change Seriously
In a speech at two-day climate change and security conference German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said that the Obama administration must work closely with Europe on addressing climate change, and that he was confident that Obama was serious on climate change,
Obama is fully aware of America's global responsibility.

Climate change is a challenge that we'll rise to meet collectively or we will fail collectively. (Reuters)

OK, so obviously nothing deep in either of these, but it does signal a positive shift in the perception that other nations have about the United States under an Obama administration. No longer will the US stand outside of the international community, swimming against the current of environmental cooperation. That's the promise of international reengagement at least; we'll have to wait and see if this promise is met.

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