Can Sustainability Be "Cool"?

Tough question. Especially in the US, where our media give 'stainability', in the broadest sense of the word, almost no attention, and public recognition is probably a few percent. Where 'sustainability' and 'sustainable' are most widely written on in the US is in the context of financial and stock analysis: as in, "this firm's growth potential is sustainable". The stock analysts also are fond of saying things like "organic growth potential underscores a favorable outlook". To which we respond "huhh?" TreeHugger foresees an editorial skirmish coming if board rooms and Wall Street start a fuss over us greenies "mis-appropriating" their words. In fact, once this dust up starts it's a sure sign we're at the tipping point to cool! Until then, when we see a glimmer of recognition on face of the "man/woman in the street", we think it's because they assume we're talking about economics alone, which also means they really wish we'd change the subject to something more comfortable as soon as possible. Undaunted by this, the "Sustainable Industries Northwest Journal" is looking for ways to make Sustainability both understood and "Cool". Examples and insights linked to their front page are worth a scan. Tell us what you think. Can it be cool?